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Blue Marble Information Management Group of Fort Wayne, IN has been serving the information technology needs of small and mid-sized companies since the arrival of the new millennium. We are comprised of a group of certified, degreed, and trained professionals in the areas of business and information technology. We are strategically partnered with industry professionals, vendors, and manufacturers to help ensure the best results in times of crisis, system downtime and transition. We guarantee professional service at reasonable rates. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.

Information Technology - Fort Wayne, IN - Blue Marble Information Management Group

Blue Marble Information Management Group Services:

  • We draw from a wide range of leading practice standards in the industry and utilize both standard and specialized methods and tools in order to offer a comprehensive solution to your company's technical challenges.
  • In addition we draw on strong relationships with expert networks to help us arrive at timely solutions faster.
  • We work with your operations management and staff to schedule such events as routine system procedures, system conversions, disaster recovery and business continuity, system integration of disparate technologies, system retirement and inventory control.
  • Computer installation - We are available for relocation and system implementation projects to better help you with your system planning needs.
  • End-to-end system management and support - Call on us to implement your terminals services solutions, communications to your exchange server, remote video monitoring, handheld communications devices and more.
  • System integration - We utilize some of the most available and widely used protocols and tools to connect your legacy devices with software and systems critical to your business environment.
  • Project management - We utilize custom and specialized software to accurately plan out your installation, reconfiguration, or system conversion, so that you can follow along with our progress.
  • Vendor liaison - Count on us to help plan technology events, either short-term or long-term.
  • Technical writing services - We prepare detailed and “dummied” down documentation that is clear and concise. We utilize methods that reduce the need for too many words, so that you can get to the heart of the information to make clear and concise business decisions.
  • Inventory control - Allow us to catalog your equipment, so that you may accurately report your information assets to your accounting entity and know its value to your company.
  • System evaluation and retirement - Bring us in to evaluate the technology at your company or organization. We can help you justify your capital budget or appeal to your Board of Directors for the money you'll need to add new technology and roll off old, out-dated technology.

Blue Marble Information Management Group Services Products:

  • Providing managed information technology / IT services and consulting to your company.
  • For a fraction of the cost of full-time staff, we can provide a host of IT services to help manage the technology needs of your business.
  • For the cost of hiring, training and retaining your full-time technical staff, your company can achieve higher returns by receiving the expertise of many different IT skill sets at a fraction of the cost.
  • Our IT management and implementation processes allow us to take a 50,000 foot view of your company or organization technical challenges, rather than viewing technical challenges from a deep ravine of issues.

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Blue Marble Information Management Group
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